Sales Department

These are the people to get in contact with if you have any questions on new equipment, lawn and garden issues, and other products we carry.


Owner/ Sales
Phone: 5138943291
Gary is the owner of Al-Joe's, he is the head of the sales department. Gary is happy to help with any questions concerning new equipment or products.


Sales/ Active Gardener
Phone: 5138943291
Leslie is a part of our sales team, she has taken time to become an active gardener so she loves answering questions about garden issues. She is also able to answer questions on any of the products we carry.


Phone: 5138943291
Michael is the a part of the sales department and is able to answer any questions you may have about new equipment or products.

Service Department

These are the people to get in contact if you have any questions on equipment repair, and parts for equipment.


Service Manager
Robin is our service manager, he oversees all equipment services and quotes for repair. Robin is happy to help if you have any questions on your service.


Phone: 5138943291
Timothy is part of the sales team in the service department. He is able to help with services and parts


These are the people you would like to get in contact with for professional grass cutting and lawn fertilization.


Lawn Care Manager
Phone: 5138943291
Rob is in charge of our professional lawn care services. He schedules customer's applications and grass cuttings.